Episode 38

Published on:

15th Jun, 2022

Episode 37

Published on:

7th Jun, 2022

Episode 36

Published on:

27th May, 2022

Episode 32

Published on:

14th Apr, 2022

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What Knot Podcast
Woodworking Podcast by Chris and MikeZ
Whether you are new to woodworking or a veteran of the craft, Chris and MikeZ will be sure to help you find the answers you've been looking for. No matter the topic, we offer over 50 years of woodworking knowledge from abrasives, finishing, fabricating, CNC, cabinetry, and troubleshooting issues you might be facing. Join us for an hour with two guys who talk about woodworking all day!
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Chris Smith

WhatKnot Podcast is a place to learn and talk about anything woodworking. Join Chris and Mike live On Wednesdays at 9pm during a podcast to interact and discuss or leave us a comment or question afterward.

Video versions of the podcast can be found on both YouTube and Facebook.